St. Victor fixed

victor2Balance 2004-2011: ! Almost 15 million for our canton
This brief and incomplete record is partly a reminder of my publications cantonal letters
annually. It evokes above all the areas in which the General Council intervenes
but also means that I have used to ensure proximity.

 Cantonal 2011
45824885After hesitating and following your many encouragements, I thought that common sense wanted me choice to succeed me. Without deserting my ideal and without asking for bail to anyone, it’s a free candidate that I present myself, like in 2004. My application is now, and always, in a humanistic approach, far from politicians concerns.With regular participation or copy the working committees of the General Council, I was able to use my knowledge to the people of this township. This mandate will cover a period of 3 years for the law in 2014 abolishing the current cantons, was passed. So we have three years to negotiate better our place in the future organization of the territories taking into account the changing needs of the population in our living areas. It is logical and relevant than the incumbent assumes that half warrant to best accompany our county in this community reform period. I, for my part, supported by both Aveyronnais senators, Anne-Marie Escoffier, Alain Fauconnier but also that of the Region President, Martin Malvy. Plans are emerging for our territory; economic development, tourism and agriculture deserve special attention. The support of the Region will be essential! Three years to develop the knowledge and experience I have gained since 2004. Choose for three years the natural candidate for our entire canton: the helpful vote! Danièle Varo, literature teacher, substitute  : “Since 2008 the electoral code provides for the replacement of the General counsel by an alternate. This alternate (opposite sex) is required to play a role in some specific cases: death of the holder, the holder of the resignation because of overlapping mandates, lack of presumption (disappearance hypothesis), inauguration of member of the constitutional Council.There is no wizard, has no responsibility, has no powers of representation, claim to assign another role is a way to mislead voters. “

 Maintenance of local crafts: Townships St Sernin / Rance and Réquista, “Operation dare employment”
p1010673At the initiative of the UPA (artisanal professional Union) and DIRECCTE (Regional Directorate of Competition, consumption, Labour and employment Midi-Pyrénées), a dynamic process of employment is launched on our cantons.
This is supported by the Regional Natural Park of Grands Causses using ADEFPAT ( assoc for development through training projects, actors and territories).
This initiative raises questions:
– what are the obstacles and opportunities for business development of these districts?
– why learning is it little this?
– how to solve the problems of access to employment for young people working on devices brakes on hiring (mobility, housing …)
as part of this, a survey (questionnaire) is launched from youth.

You live (which are from) the townships of Réquista or St Sernin / Rance, you are between 14 and 25 years, you have lived an apprenticeship or other training or alternately you are considering this route, you agree to participate in an interview, then you can let me know in advance and consult the questionnaire prepared for you by clicking here.

 Entrust or accommodate a child
The General Council, pole departmental solidarity, organized on the social action territory of Millau, an information meeting on the childminder profession, for parents, of the candidates to approval or already approved childminders.This meeting will be held Tuesday, December 7, at 14h, (allow two hours) to the health center, former Bank of France, instead Bion-Marlavagne, 12100 Millau.


 Save lives ! Prevention is better than cure
every 2 years women aged 50 to 70 years are invited to make a free examination.
They have a choice to go either in one of five radiology centers public or private accredited department (or outside the department) or the “mammobile  ” mobile radiology unit of the General Council, who visit the rural districts. A letter will be sent them personally. It will suffice to make an appointment. The stakes are high: it is possible to reduce by 30% mortality from this cancer. More information Awareness Committee 05 65 73 34 90 To receive an invitation: to ADECA 05 65 73 30 36 the mammobile will be on our canton in Coupiac (room her holidays) of 28 October to 5 November 2010, and St Sernin / Rance (parking Balaguier) from 9 to 16 November This action on our canton is possible thanks to the participation of volunteers, the City Councils in Coupiac and St Sernin / Rance, common to both communities.

 Departmental Home for Disabled Persons of Aveyron
The disability law of 11 February 2005 shows the ambition to recognize the full citizenship of people with disabilities, regardless of the altered function: physical, sensory, mental, cognitive or psychological, on the principles of free lifestyle choices, better participation in social life, simplification of procedures, accessibility, employability. the MDPH will welcome you for a unique access to rights and benefits.

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